October 29th, 2006

krazy koati

There's a fly on my music, got me playing flat

I was in a 7-Eleven, picking up something to drink. Ahead of me was a woman looking around, dissatisfied, for something; a man with her told her she should ask the cashier. She wanted to know if they had any disposable cameras. And they did: behind the counter was a small stack of Kodak disposable cameras good for 27 shots, and the cashier took one and rang it up. The woman looked at it and asked if that was the only model they had. The cashier checked back and reported, yes, they only had the one model, and showed another box, which had the same kind of camera, although the picture on the box of that had a camera with red plastic rather than silver plastic bits. The woman decided she'd rather have the second camera, with the different picture on the box. It's important to have the right style of disposable cameras. The cashier did not un-ring the first camera and ring up the second, though.

Later on I was at a convenience store to buy soap, shampoo, that sort of thing. In the line next to me a chef -- still wearing his white outfit, apron, and little white paper hat -- stepped up with a small box of store-brand bandages (the Band-Aid type, not the ones you'd put on a serious injury -- they're billed as plasters, which I know is normal British usage, but the word sounds too serious for what these were), paid and quickly dashed off. It certainly suggests a development over at the ramen place, although apparently not an urgent one.

The ``budget airline'' fad has reached the long-haul universe. After an unexpected one-day delay (they didn't quite have permission to fly over Russia), Oasis Air has opened up flights from Hong Kong to London (Gatwick), which is somewhere on the order of twelve hours. According to the news, despite this being a budget airline they provide two meals and in-flight entertainment, which is about what you get from United as well, and at a price of US$128. I don't see how that budget can possibly work unless the in-flight entertainment consists of sleeping gas and they turn the engines off and just glide in from about Kazakhstan. But they said the entertainment was 16 channels with movies like Batman Begins and Ocean's Twelve, which is probably better than unconsciousness.

Trivia: The Newark Peps finished their only year in baseball's Federal League, 1915, with 80 wins and 72 losses, putting them in fifth place (of eight teams). Source: The Jersey Game, James M DiClerico, Barry J Pavelec.

Currently Reading: Manias, Panics, and Crashes: A History of Financial Crises, Charles P Kindleberger.