November 8th, 2006

krazy koati

Martha she calls to me from a feather in the meadow

There's a Subaru Fondling Champion! After 73 hours and 56 minutes -- which is about an hour short of the competition record -- Alex Koh, a 25-year-old Navy officer, was still touching his designated car when competitor Johnny Chua, a 36-year-old graphic designer, lifted his hand. Both had competed before, so Koh's prize was a S$90,000 Subaru Impreza Limited Edition. Koh said ``I experienced a bit of giddiness and although my finger is there, I can't see my finger at all. What I can see is those cut-outs and the color of the car surrounding my fingers.'' Chua was sad to lose, of course, but both were mentioned as setting new personal best times.

JetStar Asia, a budget airline, has signed an agreement to allow a rather conveniently available place serve as a payment collection agent. Customers who need to pay for their tickets will be able to do so from the 7-Eleven stores in town. I have a hard enough time processing paying your phone bills at a 7-Eleven; extending it to buying plane tickets is unsettling. JetStar also allows payment at post offices.

gafennec should probably not read the rest of this. There's been a series of savage escalator attacks on children in Singapore lately. The first was a couple of days ago, at the Admiralty Place shopping center (north center of the island), where a child taking the escalator down got her rubber shoes caught, and it pulled her toe along. Her big toe was ripped off, and recovered only three hours later. (I'm not clear on just how this happened. The news said investigations are continuing into how it happened, although I don't know just who is investigating either.) Her mother wondered why there weren't any emergency numbers for escalator repairs posted, the way elevators have, which is a fair question.

Another child yesterday was caught in an escalator, this one at Tampines Mall (far eastern end), going from the fourth to the third level. Widespread escalator rebellion is sure to be trouble, though: in the past decade the Singapore escalator population has risen from about 2,100 to 3,600. And now I know about how much stock footage they have of people riding escalators. It's the fact both of these escalators were descending that allows me to talk without peril of this escalator uprising.

Trivia: Wilhelm Conrad Röntgen noticed X-rays from the faint glow they created on a paper coated with barium platinocyanide. Source: Life Science Library: Matter, Editor Ralph E Lapp.

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