December 13th, 2006

krazy koati

Take my place on this trip just for me

While waiting for the bus home after lunch (I had to change laundry and bring something home rather than keep it in my office), I noticed somebody putting a ladder up to the pole next to the bus stop on which the numbers of bus routes, the stop name, and various incidental information was posted. The man climbed the ladder and put a sticker up on one of the bus route signs. To show the kind of world I think I live in: I thought to myself, ``I just hope he works for the bus company.''

Assuming he did work for the company -- and he had an SBS Transit-labelled truck with him, so probably he did -- then all he was doing was changing the stop zone number on the sign. According to a new cardboard sign hung on the pole, come next week one of the routes which stops there will have a longer run, thus the need for a new zone number. The extra stops would be just the thing for the times I go to the bank to transfer money to my United States bank, then walk up the hill a modest bit to get to a restaurant for lunch, since the extension takes it right past the restaurants and I would be able to skip a hike (or go to a restaurant first and then hike downhill to the bank). However, as of last Friday, the branch of my bank on that route moved to a new spot much closer to downtown and not anywhere near that bus line, so I wouldn't be going in that direction anymore anyway. Still, it's a nice if belated convenience, isn't it?

I do wonder, though, whether the bus guide books for 2007 have been printed up yet, and if so, will they reflect the old information and be not-seriously wrong for a year? Or if there was time to include the new schedule in the printing, why wasn't the updated route announced earlier? But then would there be a point to announcing that (say) in two months the route will be extended, given that people would forget about the sign after it had been up for months? Or is it possible I'm simply overthinking this entire thing?

I guess what I'm saying is I would really have liked it if they'd extended the bus route a year or more ago.

Trivia: The farthest Gene Cernan and Harrison Schmitt travelled from the Apollo 17 Lunar Module during their lunar surface excursions was 25,029 feet. Source: Apollo by the Numbers, Richard W Orloff, NASA SP-4029.

Currently Reading: Forgotten Armies: The Fall of British Asia 1941-1945, Christopher Bayly, Tim Harper. If I were witty I'd have started reading this five days ago.