December 19th, 2006

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There's a new exhibit opened up down by Harbourfront, which since Vivo City opened and the new Sentosa Monorail is getting ready to open has become a hive of activity, making the buses to and from it annoyingly crowded. This one is at the Saint James Power House, though, which at one point apparently was a power station. These days it's taken on a new role as a Tiger Beer museum. It's specifically called ``Tiger LIVE'' and billed as a ``multi-sensory visitor centre'', although all I've seen from the outside is they put this rotating colored spotlight from the Vivo City mall across the street, so that the building's side has this nice effect like one of the background displays on the original Star Trek. They spent S$10 million putting together the tour, which apparently is designed to take ninety minutes, and which they hope will draw 300,000 visitors a year and encourage the idea of having beer. The Saint James Power House, and I've heard this mentioned altogether too many times so I'm giving it to you to hear and I don't want it back, supplied power for Tiger's first brewery about seventy years ago, too.

There were earthquakes reported in Indonesia today, at about 5:10, 5:40, and 9:24 am Singapore time, with some tremors felt by Singaporeans in Ang Mo Kio, Whampoa, and Toa Payoh. I'm not in any of those districts, so once again, an earthquake has come and gone without my noticing. The last earthquake I noticed was in New Jersey (yes) when I was in first grade. Since then there've been others I was in despite being in New Jersey or New York, but mostly when I was asleep, so I wasn't going to feel them unless they shoved me out of bed, which they didn't. The Singapore earthquakes have all been felt in parts of the country where I wasn't ... so far, anyway. The evening news demonstrated the idea of earthquakes by going to the top of one of the Housing Development Board flats in one of the areas and looking down while the camera swayed.

There's been an unrelated string of fires, though. Sunday morning six motorcycles at a Yishun car park were found to be on fire, and a total of fourteen were damaged. And last night the decorations on the roof of Tang's department store on Orchard Road caught fire, and while it was in just the right spot for people to take phone-camera movies of it they didn't feel the need to evacuate the store. (It was apparently a small if visible fire, and the fire department was right on it.) There was another fire a week and a half ago caused by a faulty wire on a Christmas tree, too. I should probably check the fire alarms here, but it's raining heavily enough I doubt there'd be a problem.

Trivia: The five pocket mice (Perognathus longimembris) flown on Apollo 17 were simply scooped up from the California desert. Source: ``The Apollo 17 Pocket Mouse Experiemnt (Biocore)'', Webb Haymaker, Bonne C Look, Eugene V Benton, Richard C Simmonds, Biomedical Results of Apollo, NASA SP-368.

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