January 6th, 2007

krazy koati

Flowers and beads are one thing

Dad got into a good little grumbling, sighing fit of pique while I was still more or less asleep, but awake enough to hear the morning chat shows turned up loud and him rattling around the recyclable cans. He was, it turns out, upset that I wasn't taking the kitchen bag of empty soda cans out to the garage, and explaining this at length to Mom. But it was morning, and I had things to sleep through, so I didn't get up to press the issue. Besides, he's always getting off into sighing fits of piques, usually with rattling around the recyclables or slamming shut the kitchen cabinet doors.

When I did finally get up Dad was out. So I pointed out to Mom that I would have been much quicker to get the bags out to the garage if I had at any point been told he wanted me to take them out. However, I might have not done that every night since not every night was the kitchen bag anywhere near full. And that it might be more efficient getting me to do something if he'd spoken to me at any of the six hours a day we're in the house together than if he grumbled the Mom while I was more or less asleep.

She agreed, but pointed out that Dad will grumble and sigh and bang around the recyclables and the plates and all that anyway. So she leaves recyclables out or dirty dishes out of the dishwasher or so on, so that when he does go on these grumbling and sulking fits it's at least about a real, tangible, actual issue. I'm amazed that I've grown up as normal as I have.

Trivia: Cecil B De Mille donated the rubber squid used in Reap the Wild Wind to the war effort. Don't You Know There's A War On?, Richard Lingeman.

Currently Reading: Currently Reading: Inside ABC: American Broadcasting Company's Rise to Power, Sterling Quinlan. It's a corporate biography of the Blue Network. These are hard to write without falling into grandiose titles like that. It's frustratingly vague in parts, talking about revitalizing the network lineup without giving examples of what the lineup was before and after, for example; while I can believe the description of corporate cultural evolution I like having hard-and-fast data points (``In September 1956 the ABC television networks averaged a nationwide viewership of nearly more than twelve people for the 10 pm/9 pm Eastern timeslot weekdays''). It also barely mentions the ABC radio network, home of fine shows like ... well, that may be why they're vague about it.