February 21st, 2007

krazy koati

Can't trust that day

The day (my part of it) began with the fire alarm beeping. After checking the door for heat and peering carefully out it was obvious it was a very smoky whatever-it-was, but probably not in imminent peril of consuming my flesh, so I poked my head out and started calling for Dad. He was cooking sausages for dinner, and they got a little smokier than he expected was all, and there was only so much you could do to de-smoke the kitchen when you can't open the windows because the younger cat will leap out.

After that we took the fairly long drive together up to see my brother and his wife and get back to the home-repair Missions discussed earlier. A couple of streets before getting there we called and got their answering machines. When we did arrive we found out that they had no idea we were coming, and they had plans to go out for the whole day. Dad agreed he should have called first. Dad had thought that Mom, chatting instant messagingly with him last night, had said he planned to come up; Brother pointed out, sensibly, that using Mom to pass on messages has not ever worked. So after apologies all around a couple times we turned around and started driving home.

Actually, we took a different path home, looking for a supermarket Dad was sure he had been in several times but missed the last time he was down that highway. Despite my dedication to supermarket-spotting we missed it again, entirely, and didn't even see anything that could plausibly have ever been the supermarket he was thinking of.

At the end of the different path, though, was the guy -- an old (in multiple senses) friend of Dad -- from whom I hope to someday soon buy a car. Like every car I've owned in the past it has no distinguishing features other than its license plate, but it would meet my requirements of being an enclosed car-shaped space I could drive. But I can't buy it right now as I haven't got my own insurance (it's in the works, and there'll be a story about it, don't worry). But we also got there just a couple minutes before the friend was expecting his son over, and they had to straighten out some moderately serious problem, so he just didn't have time to socialize. Understandable, certainly, and we went for home.

We got home not having found the supermarket, so we didn't have peppers to cook to go with the sausages. Dad said he thought he should undress, get into bed, close all the shades, and forget the rest of the day, and I agreed that was probably the best plan.

Trivia: When Aaron Burr stepped down after three years as a director for the Manhattan Company he owed the bank at least $64,903.63. Source: The Great Game, John Steele Gordon.

Currently Reading: Union 1812: The Americans Who Fought the Second War of Independence, A J Langguth. You know, when someone makes the unfunny American version of Black Adder -- and don't tell me it hasn't been pitched, just that it hasn't come to term yet -- if they want to do the early, wormy Black Adder they'd have to cast Rowan Atkinson as Aaron Burr. But they'd probably go for the sarcastic, how-can-I-be-surrounded-by-these-staggering-idiots Adder, so they'd cast Atkinson as Alexander Hamilton instead.