March 28th, 2007

krazy koati

Left one set of footprints on the summerday sands

The day turned out to be absolutely lovely. I was expecting warmth, since that was in all the weather forecasts, but this was a lovely day achieving beyond the call of duty. When the weather got up above 80 degrees Fahrenheit it was time to enjoy the first day comfortably like those I was enjoying all the way back in December, where I could wear sandals without socks, open all the windows, and watch the cats enjoying the novelty of sitting up on the part of the windowsills that are normally covered by the windows.

With the windows open and life generally airing out I washed out my bed sheets, and flipped over the mattress for the first time in a bit too long, actually. This process fascinated the younger, white-with-spots cat. Admittedly, she's easy to fascinate; she's never seen anything nearly as interesting as whatever it is she's looking at right now. It makes her very easy to get along with most of the time, but when she insists on poking around between the base and the mattress about to be slammed down on her head, and she's not taking hints like ``That's not going to be a very good idea'' while staying outside of the range where my foot could catch and relocate her she can be a bit taxing. She was also fascinated to watch the sheets put on, but didn't sneak under them. There was the open windowsill to examine. And, true to character, when she saw in the evening that I was closing the windows, she leapt into the one I was closing, pretty well stopping my progress. I went to the next window, and you can guess what happened, and the next, and ... well, by moving farther than she could leap quickly enough I got all the windows closed up, and only one small pile of envelopes was knocked over.

Trivia: Kamerlingh Onnes named the disappearance of the electrical resistance of mercury near absolute zero ``supraconductivity'' in 1913, in his second paper on the phenomenon. Source: Absolute Zero, Tom Shachtman.

Currently Reading: The Care and Feeding of Ideas, Bill Backer. He's an advertiser, a rather good one based on the list of projects he describes in various details. Among the projects was introducing Beech-Nut Spearmint Gum to teenagers through the magic of Dick Clark, of introducing the ``Soup is Good Food'' notion for Campbell's Soup, and writing that jingle about wanting to teach the world to sing in perfect harmony. It turns out that Coke commercial went though only a moderately ridiculous creation process, and filming the TV spot only lead to one riot of Italian children.