April 19th, 2007

krazy koati

Rewritten by machine and new technology

I'm taping some of the many Food Channel and This Old House Channel shows Dad has on ``Store Until The Sun Goes Nova, Which Considering The Sun Will Never Nova Because It's The Wrong Type Of Star, Is Going To Be Quite A While Unless Humanity Gets To Work On This Problem'' on the Tivo. This is because the Tivo is out of space and is deleting stuff that, like, I want to watch. This is going onto videotape. Dad claimed he was keeping things around because he didn't know how to record them onto a DVD. I pointed out he would need a DVD recorder to record them onto DVD. He hasn't got one; he only has a DVD player because I bought one as a Christmas present four years ago, which my parents have to date used as a means of propping up dust. (I've used it to actually watch DVDs.) Since the recording has to be done in real time, I estimate that I should have the Tivo down to just shows that actually aired in the past month sometime around when the sun goes nova. There was -- and I am not exaggerating this in the slightest -- Rick Steve's Europe on there originally aired in July, and I only guess that was July of 2006.

Incidentally, did you know where to find videotape these days? I haven't gone to record anything on videotape since about 2002, probably getting a copy of some Mystery Science Theater 3000 episode for safekeeping, probably The Screaming Skull, which they aired about two weeks of every three back then. Target was at a complete loss, reinforcing my purchase of little but peanut butter cups from them, and the clerk at Radio Shack was shocked first that I asked for video tapes, and then by the discovery that they did, indeed, have one package of five blank tapes, and a couple individual tapes. They were kind of hidden under a low shelf containing more useful, digital, storage media.

A little moment from dinner that I forgot to mention: My father quipped how I was the only person he knew that kept the bills in his wallet in order (ones ahead of fives ahead of tens ahead of twenties). My brother said he kept them in order too, and the friend of my brother's who was with us also said he kept his bills in order. In fact, everyone else we knew keeps their bills in order, and I can't think of any application for paper currency in which keeping them in order doesn't make sense. Maybe it's a generational thing.

Trivia: Mark Goodson's all-time favorite game show was To Tell The Truth. Source: Quiz Craze, Thomas A DeLong.

Currently Reading: Wedding of the Waters: The Erie Canal and the Making of a Great Nation, Peter L Bernstein.