August 19th, 2007

krazy koati

We were way off the mark

One of the things a little time alone is good for is finding yourself. And apart from the people at work -- mostly during lunch when I won't even be threatened with people suggesting they might have work for me before too much longer -- and the cats I've been comfortably alone. Although in this case it's less me finding myself and more me finding things I'd lost. The littlest is a pen, which would have been a considerable inconvenience in writing down the miscellaneous notes that I try jotting down whenever I run into something that could be a daily entry or a weekly humor piece. The pen I found to replace it had apparently had all its ink transformed into a strange non-Newtonian fluid capable of flowing only under certain circumstances, such as the first two and a half letters and the penultimate letter of a word. It was peculiar.

But I had lost my notepad too. It's funny how things will balance out. I had extra notebooks, as it turns out it's not possible to buy a three-by-five notepad in a package of less than about 400, so I'm not in danger of running out this century. But in the course of just a few hours I recovered both: my pen had slipped somehow into that spot behind my driver's seat where a hypothetical passenger might put his or her feet, which doesn't seem possible from where I remembered it being last. And my notepad was in the bag I'd used to carry clothes up to my aunt and uncle's two weeks ago, which doesn't seem to match where that last was either, but at least they're in control.

But the better news is I found my old driver's license, the one that had disappeared somewhere in the moving from Singapore to the United States. I found it when I took some boxes which had been in my father's study out to re-pack them and hopefully fit them in my storage locker (as I was getting things of my father's out of my storage locker and back into his garage while he was out), and I found that in one of the boxes, in one of the books, my old license was being used as a bookmark. I can't imagine why I hadn't found it sooner. Of course since I have a new replacement the old is useless for me, apart from the satisfaction of having this odd loose end solved.

Trivia: In the battle which gave the USS Constitution its nickname of Old Ironsides, the USS Constitution -- with a crew of 456 officers and men -- lost seven dead and seven wounded; its opponent, the frigate Guerrière, with 267 officers and men lost fifteen killed and 64 wounded. Source: Union 1812, A J Langguth.

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