September 20th, 2007

krazy koati

Voices growing louder, irritation building

It doesn't often happen but now and then someone does make the perilous climb up two flights of stairs and even past the office manager's office to get to my little office at the ``work'' place. This isn't ever announced ahead of time, which is what makes it dangerous to just nod off, although closing the door most of the way and using the other chair which is obstructed from the hallway view seem to be effective at not getting unexpected intrusions or, in theory, if I did then rousing myself by pretending to be thinking or looking at something from a different angle.

Anyway, I did have two people in and chatting over the project I might in theory have to accomplish, and it got surprisingly sprawling as various details I didn't really have were asked by one of the people, and were answered by the other, which shows how urgently my presence was needed. But part-way through it one of the guys finished his cup of coffee and tossed it in my waste basket.

I haven't used my waste basket. The first few days I just didn't have anything to throw out, and I got into this habit with the cleaning people (who come in every other day just before the end of the day) where I'd smile and say hello and we briefly assure the other that we're doing well. I'd move out of the way for the quick mopping and thank the guy for mopping, and he'd thank me for getting out of the way. (My life is pretty much scenes I don't understand with interludes of acting out scenes of the polite yet goofy gophers.) And they look in the waste basket, see that there's nothing there, and go on without changing the trash bag. When I did start bringing in things to drink -- bottles of iced tea, soda left over from lunch, hot tea once I learned how to use the water dispenser -- I'd throw the trash out in one of the other bins, just to not make a special trip for cleaning out my office bin.

That I might, after months, finally have trash in my trash bin seemed like such an unannounced change in circumstances that I seriously considered taking the cup out of the trash bin myself, but my natural laziness crept back in and I left it. And when the end of the day did come, after the guy mopping came through and we thanked each other as often as it's possible to do, the cleaning lady looked in the bin, and I felt her confused stare descending on me. Then she took the cup out of the bin and didn't bother changing the lining. I just know it's going to take ages to rebuild our relationship.

Trivia: One of the few changes Church censors demanded before giving permission to Galileo Galilei to publish Dialogue Concerning The Two Chief World Systems was that he change the title to Dialogue... from his original title, Dialogue Concerning The Tides. Source: Measuring the Universe, Kitty Ferguson.

Currently Reading: 1927: High Tide of the Twenties, Gerald Leinwand.