November 4th, 2007

krazy koati

No others need apply to the rhythm section want ad

Hey, why isn't Apple listing the release of OS X on its RSS feed of ``iTunes New Releases''? It's all over the ``Hot News'' as they link to every source that says any vaguely positive thing about it, and I won't be surprised if this entry rates good enough for that, but how about the system where you buy prepackaged bits from them?

In other curious little transactions at the nearby Wawa ATM, I tried to withdraw the appropriate cash for the week to buy gas and the miscellaneous things I need on the way into and at the office. One machine took my transaction -- and I'm glad it isn't the kind that takes permanent possession of my card while things are going on -- and began to rattle around after I entered my desired amount. After a few minutes of shaking and rattling and rattling and shaking it quieted down, and I heard some sort of geared mechanism moving. Then, it began to shake and rattle about again, and the process repeated for what I imagine has to be every possible bin it had. After a couple of minutes it came back with the news that it just couldn't dispense anything right now. I'd have thought it could sense whether there were any bills in the machine with a lot less trial and error. I went to another Wawa.

I got back in change a dollar bill marked with a Where's George stamp. I didn't realize this little project in following specific serial numbers was still going on, what with it not being 1999 or whenever that was the rage still. And it's a 2003-issue bill, so the Where's George project must have been going at least sometime within the last four years. I'm almost curious enough to look up where that bill has been, except I'm afraid to discover something like it spent two years being passed back and forth between cafeteria and patients at the Center For Horribly Disgusting Yet Easily Communicable By Cloth-Paper Diseases.

Trivia: In fall 1943, six months after the imperial Japanese authorities banned baseball, the farewell present the administrators of Keio and Waseda universities gavie to their students was a baseball game between the schools. Source: A Modern History of Japan, Andrew Gordon.

Currently Reading: Vectors, Charles Sheffield. And a sarcastic crack at Senator Proxmire's name for his irrational insistence big space projects which consume large amounts of money actually demonstrate the production of something of comparable value. It's like being wrapped in a warm fuzzy cocoon of late 70s science fiction worldview.