January 9th, 2008

krazy koati

Come on now like a good cat

So there I was, just before midnight, with a sleeping kitten in a cat carrier and no actual experience in introducing kittens to a house which had two pre-existing cats in residence already. My sister advised me to just let the kitten out and it would work out all the important details. I set the carrier down by the Christmas tree, opened the door, and let it finish meowing and take a few steps out. I realized I probably should guide her to the food and water dishes and the litter box, and tried wriggling my foot and walking in the right direction when I realized this was a great application for one of my laser pointers. So I went to my room to find my laser pointers and learned that I couldn't find one of them -- the keychain one with the more diverse but less appealing set of image filters -- and the other one -- the pen one with a more sober line -- was out of battery power. So I gave up using the laser to guide the cat.

Returning to the method of wriggling my feet and moving about, with a side line of dropping a few bits of dry food, I lead the kitten to where the food and water dishes are and where the litter box is. While it explored the last of these I went to see if my parents were still awake (the TV was on, but they leave it in 'sleep' mode). My mother woke enough to say she'd heard the meowing and trusted the cat had arrived. The younger -- now the middle -- cat, who prefers falling asleep with some part of her touching my mother's body, had raised her head and was looking around. Eventually the kitten wandered to the door of my parent's bedroom, but could not be coaxed in.

The kitten eventually got some food and water and settled for falling asleep on the throw pillow I usually sit against on the sofa, while I checked my e-mail and got my sister's instruction to show the kitten where the litter box is. As I got to bed she followed me, and hopped up to wrestle my comforter-covered legs while I tried to sleep. I don't know the details of the night she had after that, but found she spent the next day sleeping on various cushions on top the love seat, while the other cats came nowhere near her.

Trivia: Dieppe, France, was founded as Bertheville in 809 by Charlemagne. Norman invaders changed the name to ``Dype'', meaning ``deep''. Source: In Quest of Spices, Sonia E Howe.

Currently Reading: Parting the Desert: The Creation of the Suez Canal, Zachary Karabell.