March 4th, 2008

krazy koati

Gone are the dark clouds that had me blind

I bought glass cleaner recently, which I would expect to be as interesting a fact as you probably do from that opening. The reason is a simple one: I can't find Windex or its functional equivalent around here. I assume there must be because I can find evidence of windows, mirrors, and TV sets being cleaned when the cleaning lady is on her irregular vanishing periods where she goes months with nobody hearing from her, but I can't find the cleaner. I can find various nearly-empty bottles of grease remover, but all with labels suggesting this is less for cleaning off the dusty computer screen and more for getting the three-year-old congealed eggs off the stove.

While I was inclined to buy a bottle of Windex, on the grounds of it looking like glass cleaner what with being a blue, ammonia-scented liquid, I decided basically on impulse to try something different: some green-named thing from Clorox. Although it's suspiciously clear and its scent isn't really ammonia-based exactly, it did smell interesting and the price was basically the same. So I figured why not live a little and try a whole different brand of glass-cleaning potions. This is the sort of thing which counts as interesting for me, which may explain why I've gone years without failing utterly to find something to write about here. Wait until I start getting into traffic lights. In any case I'm satisfied with the job it did cleaning the inside of my car's windows, though, and with the TV screen and various other pieces of glass-like substance.

Now, my father was away for a couple of days on work and I'll get around to that in time too. Since he came back I've caught him looking at the glass cleaner, looking again, then going away ... then, maybe an hour later, coming back to it, looking it over again, and going away ... then later on coming to it and turning the bottle around in his hands, then going away without using it. I realize he's treating the glass cleaner the way the cats treat the unexpected appearance of suitcases in the living room. Maybe my mother has been hiding the glass cleaner from him to spare him the confusion.

Trivia: Christopher Columbus put in in March 1493 in Lisbon for repairs after the Niña's sails were shredded in a cyclone. There Columbus attempted to report as little as possible to Portugese King João II, João the Perfect, who had turned down Columbus's proposals twice in the preceding decade. Source: The Last Voyage of Columbus, Martin Dugard.

Currently Reading: The Day The Bubble Burst: A Social History of the Wall Street Crash of 1929, Gordon Thomas, Max Morgan-Witts.