April 26th, 2008

krazy koati

You know it never fails once they're involved

(Posting early; good reasons; I'll get to them in time.)

I happened to catch the Chip and Dale's Rescue Rangers episode ``Chocolate Chips'', which, truth be told, isn't the cream of the Rescue Rangers crop. It is one that stands out to me, though, since it features coatis, an animal I doubt anyone here is surprised to know I rather like. But coatis have roughly the pop cultural presence of Garret Augustus Hobart, who was replaced as Vice-President by William McKinley for the election of 1900 when it was discovered that Hobart had died the year before. Anyway, I had some thoughts about it and want to review the plot a bit.

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What has occurred to me: you know, these are all the elements for an episode of The Avengers: mysterious and somewhat spooky starting events, the introduction of a potentially world-changing new gimmick, the gimmick's application being what most people would regard as a fairly trivial goal even if the perpetrators of the plot feel passionately about it, a resolution with a touch of whimsy or ironic flair. I had rarely before seen any particular connections between Gadget and Emma Peel, but now I'll need to re-evaluate the series's worldview.

Trivia: Milk chocolate was invented in 1876 by Daniel Peter, in Switzerland. Source: Sweets: A History of Temptation, Tim Richardson.

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