June 3rd, 2008

krazy koati

What a funny feeling in my eyes and ears and throat

I'm sick. It's a cold, or something functionally equivalent, in that I feel achy and as I try to sleep my brain keeps hearing someone repeat, in a steady tone, as if practicing for a further lyric from the Beatles' Revolution 9, the phrase ``Sponge Or Brain''. My mother got this, possibly with a different phrase, ahead of me. She sent me to buy Contac, ``the strongest that can possibly be purchased''. I went to the store. They didn't have Contac. Nor did they have a hole in the shelves where it might logically go, nor did they have anything store-name generic with labels like ``Compare To Contac''. I asked the pharmacy desk and they realized they had no idea when they last saw Contac, but they certainly didn't know it was missing.

Did you know Supermarket pharmacy departments have a roster of the key ingredients for their cold medicines, including those which apparently have discontinued production without anyone being told about it? I didn't, and I'm surprised and intrigued by this. Well, the pharmacy department was able to find something else with equal amounts of the key ingredients but less of the stuff that goes into Tylenol. I figured that was probably good enough and my mother accepted it happily. Also per my father's instruction I got the stuff I'd figure to need when I got it; that amounted to bagels, Fritos, and 7-Up. I haven't been taking the cold medicine myself because the only stuff that I've ever found that works has been mysterious medicines of a provenance uncertain to me that I got from the convenience store at my Singapore apartment, and I doubt they could be found in the United States on purpose. They didn't really make me feel better; they just left me so dazed I couldn't get out the door, and so slept in, anyway.

So through the aches and pains I've reached a tacit understanding with my father about the living room television: he won't put it on the Screaming Vapid Idiots Passed Off As News Channel at roughly 8.3 on the Richter scale, and I won't stagger out of bed to change the channel to Turner Classic Movies, turn the volume down to ``well-maintained drinking fountain water stream'', and return to bed. For most of the day we settled on the Food network at normal conversational tones, and I heard about how Real Freedom was an Iraqi guy who came to the United States and now bakes. True liberty is, after all, expressed in apple turnovers.

Trivia: Gemini IV was the first NASA launch to have live international press coverage, with broadcasting to twelve European nations provided by the Early Bird satellite. Source: On The Shoulders of Titans: A History of Project Gemini, Barton C Hacker, James M Grimwood. NASA SP-4203.

Currently Reading: The Right Hand of Dextra, David J Lake. It's a very 1970s DAW Paperback premise: humans settle, perhaps unwisely, on a planet where the compounds of life have the opposite chirality, and mutter about biology and the synthesized religion the First Fleet set up so women would be baby factories and they could outbreed the locals, and, oh, the native ecosystem is breeding right back at them.