August 29th, 2008

krazy koati

We would be warm below the storm

With the discovery, based on observing how an octopus actually uses its eight arms, that an octopus really uses two of them as legs for getting around and six of them as arms for arm-doing-things-with it seemed like a good time to interview an octopus for a representative thought of the whole change.

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Trivia: By 1888, fifty thousand men and women cycled in the United States. Within two years that had doubled. Source: Victorian America: Transformations in Everyday Life, 1876 - 1915, Thomas J Schlereth.

Currently Reading: Between the Strokes of Night, Charles Sheffield. Gee, as Earth struggles under food shortages and climate disasters and plunges toward global nuclear war, a lone industrialist builds a fleet of space stations with perfect long-term sustainability. Never seen that setup before.