October 12th, 2008

krazy koati

See what we can be if we try

Last weekend as part of my mother's plan to make sure we never have an unscheduled weekend (my theory is she never really geared down from planning my sister's wedding) we went to Broadway to see Arthur Miller's All My Sons, the play he wrote with the determination that if this failed too he'd give up the play-writing business. But this was a success, as Miller had found a theme which really worked for him, the controversial assertion that war materiel manufacturers have a responsibility to society which goes beyond deliberately shipping defective hardware to the Army in wartime. Arthur Miller could go on to write often for Broadway and oftener for 10th Grade English class.

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Trivia: Among the rumors current in Santo Domingo when Christopher Columbus was arrested in October 1500 was that he planned to steal Hisapniola from Spain and turn control of it over to Genoa. Source: The Last Voyage Of Columbus, Martin Dugard.

Currently Reading: An Outline Of Man's Knowledge Of The Modern World, Editor Lyman Bryson.