October 18th, 2008

krazy koati

Happy ever after in the market place

Update: the cable box fixed itself. I didn't do anything to it, not even turning it off as xolo sort of recommended. Clearly they were just testing to see how long I'd put up with the personalized inconvenience before getting around to fixing it. Now if only there were a way to handle the problems of there not being enough on that I feel like watching that I haven't seen already recently and my not having the time to watch as much as I'd like when you factor in going to bed early and wanting to watch Late Night before I do go to bed.

And after a solid week of driving without any hint of the Check Engine light was prepared to conclude that whatever my car was upset about it's decided it's not all that bothered by it actually. In fact, I was thinking it just this morning while coming off the limited-access highway to a road with stop lights when the light went on. It stayed there just long enough to demand my attention and went off again. By a happy coincidence my car's due for an oil change (in a really rare coincidence, it's due by both the mileage since the last visit and the time since the last visit); I suppose that I can ask Jiffy Lube if they can check whether the computer's whining about anything special or not. I imagine that'll inspire them to ask if I would like my air filter changed.

And I learned something about Jack Narz, who went from hosting the rigged quiz show Dotto to a reasonably successful career as game show host and announcer, namely: why didn't the involvement in a tainted show cut his career off or send it to Canada, the way they did to Dan Enright? Apparently, and quite a few obituaries and essays agree on this, he had no idea that his quiz show was rigged, and furthermore quiz show hosts were generally not told the contestants knew the answers. It wouldn't have occurred to me to keep the host out of the rigging of a quiz show. Hm.

Trivia: During a slow moment on the train to Saint Paul from Duluth while campaigning in October 1948, Harry Truman ran through a list of the states and estimated that he would win 340 electoral votes, Thomas Dewey 108, Strom Thurmond 42, and Henry Wallace none. Source: Truman, David McCullough. (This does not add up to the 531 electoral votes of the time; either the event was remembered not precisely accurately or Truman supposed some states couldn't be called yet. Truman would win 303 electoral votes, Dewey 189, Thurmond 39, and Wallace none.)

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