January 22nd, 2009

krazy koati

Do you think it's time that I made out my will?

So, I did get to the Doctor Who tape, which was a 1972 episode titled ``Day of the Daleks''. Conversation with bunny_hugger had got me interested in pre-new-Who stories, which I had never developed a taste for because I'm not British and whenever I was able to find Who on PBS it was always oddly stiff people standing in long corridors muttering, and was part two of six. Anyway, this tape smooths together four installments of a tale in which mysterious people are appearing and vanishing in a menacing way and the key to unravelling the entire future seems to be happening, atypically, at a place not too far from London and in the year current to the filming. Some scattered thoughts while watching:

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One more thing: midway through my watching, my father came in and asked who was that on screen. I ... well, I had to check on The Doctor's name, but then my father said, ah, yes, he thought he recognized Jon Pertwee. What's my father doing recognizing the third Doctor?

Trivia: The Nippon Music Culture Association announced in January 1943 it would expel jazz from Japan. It set aside each third Friday to discuss ways to out jazz music. Source: A Modern History of Japan, Andrew Gordon.

Currently Reading: No Highway, Nevil Shute. Yes, this is the dramatic novelization of the de Havilland Comet mess, cleverly written years before it happened. Henry Petroski is never more than three thousand words away from mentioning it. I was curious how the story worked.