February 3rd, 2009

krazy koati

Minds are subject to what should be done

You know, the past 20 entries have to be my most-lj-cut-heavy period in my writing: eight in that span. That's inflated by alternating days behind the cut since I can't cut visiting days down that much, but, huh. I'll get back to short except Fridays soon.

My mother asked me to stop at the library and pick up a copy of John Grisham's newly released book, which I firmly believe to be titled The Association, following up as it does on his recent triumphs of The Firm, The Partnership, The Limited Liability Corporation, and of course The Société Anonyme. I'm always up for an excuse to visit the library, and while I didn't see it on the new-books shelf (I did find someone's library card there, with a signature so scrawled and faded I couldn't make sense of it, and I returned it to the circulation desk), the card catalogue computer reported they did have it in stock. Three copies, in fact, all of them homed to the branch I was in. The first copy is due back the 12th of February. There are 630 hold requests. I suspect she's going to buy the book.

By the way, those wondering about the 1st of February's Cohanzick Zoo (way down in southern New Jersey) Coati Day, the trio of coatis there are believed not to have seen their shadows, indicating an early spring, according to a 14-year-old tradition that the zoo started because they had some coatis and they're more personable than groundhogs so, you know, why not? Something I didn't notice in the news reports on this last year were that the coatis are named Carmella, Margarita, and Floriemel. Well, that's not their fault. (While the newspaper article calls it ``Coatimundi Days'' the names seem uniformly female.)

Trivia: The final Pony Express station in Nevada before California was known as Friday's, or as Lakeside, and was both a relay station and a home station. Source: The Saga Of The Pony Express, Joseph J DiCerto.

Currently Reading: Zero: The Biography of a Dangerous Idea, Charles Seife. Rrrr. This book is annoying me. It's got a lot of elliptical statements about the mysteriousness mystery of zero and not so much that one can dig one's teeth into. Sloppy statements like ``one divided by zero gets you infinity and vice-versa'' seem like they're designed to get me to protest, too.