February 5th, 2009

krazy koati

Singing through you to me, thunderbolts caught easily

If you believe the WiiFit, I've lost something like twelve pounds since beginning my exercise routine 29 days ago. This is a stupendous rate of change and I believe it reflects mostly that on weekends I'll weigh myself when I get up rather than around 9 pm or so, and it's normal to weigh less after sleeping and going twelve or more hours since eating last. Also if you believe the WiiFit then I can eat roughly two pounds of food for an ordinary meal, which may seem like a lot but you should keep in mind that I'm a fat guy, and that total includes drinks.

Another WiiFit discovery isn't really all that innovative a discovery. Based on the experiences with Rhythmic Boxing, and with the Step Aerobics in which you step onto and off of the Fit pad to a clearly defined and unvarying beat, I've got almost no sense of rhythm. I've managed with a lot of practice to get to where I rarely actually miss something on the Step Aerobics, which in my defense involve more than just stepping on and off. For example there's stepping to the left and right, and kicking a foot forward, and even stepping onto the pad sideways. It turns out I can step in time with an approximately two-thirds success rate. My lack of rhythm has been largely obscured since most of my dancing has been at siblings' weddings, when it's enough to be able to sing along to ``Sweet Caroline whoa whoa whoa'' and make a vague droning noise for the rest of the lyrics nobody remembers, and I'm not likely to be at a sibling's wedding anytime soon.

My mother's managed to get through the short Step Aerobics routine perfectly, and she's getting closer on the long routine. This is in part because my mother is a tiny bit competitive, in much the way that Iceland is suffering a tiny fiscal problem. She also wants to know what's wrong with me that I'm not working obsessively at the Step Aerobics routines to get back onto the top-ten board now that she's secured all the places. She doesn't seem to quite grasp that I'm not competitive in the same ways, or nearly as much, as she is. Also I don't think she's noticed I've built a four-hour lead in total exercise time over her.

Trivia: Don Eyles was the Massachusetts Institute of Technology programmer who had to reprogram the Apollo 14 Lunar Module landing computer in order to ignore an errant abort signal while the Lunar Module Antares awaited the start of powered descent on 5 February 1971. Source: A Man On The Moon, Andrew Chaikin.

Currently Reading: The Age Of Gold: The California Gold Rush And The New American Dream, H W Brands.