April 29th, 2009

krazy koati

It's not just these few hours but I've been waiting since I toddled

On returning to the hospital I was given charge of going back to see how my mother was doing and what if any news there was, and so I discovered the whole security guard and new badges thing. My mother reported that they were still trying out tests on her, but the current indications were that there wasn't anything wrong, and she ought to get to go home soon. The theory we had worked out in the car on the way up, that perhaps her blood pressure-lowering medication was too strong for her lost weight, was looking pretty good, though we weren't going to get that proven out that day.

So I went back out with directions to send my father in, and he got to deal with any remaining confusion on the security guard's part. If he did he didn't think it worth mentioning. With the assurance that all was well, though, my brother and then my sister-in-law headed out confident that all was over but the release. And my father went back to talk with her. I turned, at last, to my book. And some tea.

Several times over the coming few hours I was called by my father, on my mother's cell phone, which I'd been left as part of the jacket thing. Each of these calls was to report that they were going to let my mother go any minute now, and to update me on the plan for when that would be. The rough idea was that I'd be called when they were getting ready to release her, so that I could get the car from the parking garage, and meet her at or near the door after blowing past the security guard blocking off that part of the road. In fact, after several calls on this theme the first word I got, several hundred pages on, that she was getting out was when she was being wheeled out to the door and my father sulked that I didn't have the car ready. We walked her through the parking garage instead.

Trivia: Captain James Cook appears to have had nothing to do with the naming of his exploration ship Endeavour. Source: Discoveries: The Voyages of Captain Cook, Nicholas Thomas.

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