May 10th, 2009

krazy koati

Wait terrified and overwrought to find what he will do

So I went to the new Star Trek last night, and I do like it, but with reservations. The big reservation: this is a space opera, and not a western-set-in-space. This may seem a trivial difference, but consider that the Original Series was a western-in-space and the Rick Berman Era Trek was a workplace drama. The feel of these things are different. Also important, it uses the famous narration.

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A special closing credits advisory: the Alexander Courage theme is used, over and over, for the closing credits theme. This is quite good. Also, the typeface used for the closing credits is very Eurostile-ish, which is generally good, but it does cause the 'O' in one character's name to appear to be 'D' instead, making several characters' credits more amusing than they likely intended.

Trivia: Gene Roddenberry's first draft for the opening narration ran, ``This is the story of the United Space Ship Enterprise. Assigned a five year patrol of our galaxy, the giant starship visits Earth colonies, regulates commerce, and explores strange new worlds and civilizations. These are its voyages ... and its adventures.'' Source: Inside Star Trek, Herbert F Solow, Robert H Justman. It really makes you appreciate the virtues of multiple drafts, or the ability of Jack Webb to deliver a line.

Currently Reading: Diaspora, Greg Egan. You know, I love this sort of endless logic-chain hard-science-fiction adventure even if it is almost all a virtual reality mind game and along the way there's a really horrible event happens to Earth. Yet I somehow can't escape the nagging feeling that Egan only has protagonists because he hasn't actually figured out how to sell a story written from the viewpoint of a p-Sylow subgroup. I still love this sort of stuff.