May 16th, 2009

krazy koati

Never you mind the exit signs

I've discovered also something frustrating about work on Fridays on days like this when it is not absolutely horrible weatherwise: the Interstate that I use is nearly impassable on Fridays. The afternoons I suppose are understandable as it's the rough direction towards the Shore, and it's a major road and ... well, fine, but why should it be backed up as much as thirty miles away from a shore destination? And if this is going to keep up every week then I'm not at all happy with the result.

The modestly crazy thing is that going in to work Fridays has been awful several weeks in a row now too. The only thing particularly making it bad is accidents since there's no rush away from the Shore on a Friday morning, I suppose, but what are the odds of repeated long traffic clogs three Fridays in a row? Worse, I discovered that the alternate route that's most compelling is not all that good, in that it takes as much as twenty minutes longer largely because of the number of people on it scared to do more than 35, even in the zones marked 50, and because it's longer overall. Except for the most extreme traffic jams it'd be hard to do worse staying on the Interstate, so I'm left forced to decide whether it's better to sit on a real highway or drive too slowly on a road that's got fewer lanes than feels comfortable. Or I could stop going in Fridays and see how long it takes anyone to notice, I suppose.

I learned at lunch from one of the other guys who commutes about the same length that the tie-up was caused by both lanes being shut down and the shoulder used for one car at a time while the police dealt with two people laying on their bellies in the road; it wasn't clear whether they were being arrested (to start with) or what. And the main clog was just ahead of where I turned off, at that.

Trivia: The first two stars scanned by Frank Drake's Project Ozma search for extraterrestrial life were Epsilon Eridani and Tau Ceti. Source: The Quest For Alien Planets: Exploring Worlds Outside The Solar System, Paul Halpern.

Currently Reading: Hello, Everybody! The Dawn of American Radio, Anthony Rudel. It's an interesting book about the early history of radio but I'd really expected NBC and CBS to be more than passing mentions.