May 17th, 2009

krazy koati

And once when you weren't looking I did a cannonball

There are some loose ends left over from seeing Star Trek 2009 I should probably get off my chest. One of them is an odd conversation I overheard in the parking lot after buying my ticket. I'd bought the ticket early, and had about an hour before the movie, so went off to wander around the mall instead. As I walked out, what I heard was: ``Are we seeing the movie at all?'' And the response was, ``Yeah''. The natural follow-up question was, ``So why are you buying the ticket?'' And I was immediately sorry that I couldn't get the answer to this because that conversation has to have gone somewhere, with something, somehow.

Also a loose end from shopping for a Mother's Day present last week. I ended up, as the main gift, buying the soundtrack to a musical I was pretty sure but not positive my mother had seen; it turned out she liked it, possibly because she wanted the soundtrack, possibly because she was in a quite good mood overall. That's set up a new problem, namely, the search for my mother's iPod. She's quite sure she had it a couple weekends ago when she and my father drove to Rhode Island. It's just missing now. She's sure they listened to it on the way back, and that she brought it in the house to recharge; it's just not anywhere obvious now. Possibly the cats swiped it. I suppose she could just listen to the CD.

While shopping, though, the clerk at the Barnes And Noble CD/DVD Section started up a bit of small talk to me, saying, ``It seems like every time I see you your beard is grown out a little more.'' Again, I didn't realize people were recognizing me so often, and again, I should have expected it. But I did confirm that, yes, I just let my beard grow between visits to the barber. I grow a beard for many reasons, among them, that I don't have to do any kind of regular face maintenance. Doing regular face maintenance to keep it from growing out would defeat the point. He was a bit jealous, since his job prohibits his growing a beard. Not the Barnes And Noble job; his firefighter job. They have that whole gas mask issue with beards. He speculates that's why firefighters often grow mustaches, as the next-best thing they can have to beards. Could be.

Trivia: The ``Edison Effect'' was given that name by British electrical engineer and radio pioneer Sir William H Preece, in a paper for the Royal Society in 1885. Source: Edison: A Biography, Matthew Josephson.

Currently Reading: Orbit 11, Editor Damon Knight. Circa 1972 anthology of original tales, some of which look interesting, some of which seem to barely be setting up scenarios, and some of which are science fiction. These are not mutually exclusive categories.