May 31st, 2009

krazy koati

Though you once were the best bunny at the Playboy Club

[ Pre-written for my convenience; details of what has me occupied to follow, as I am visiting bunny_hugger through the 8th. ]

With the increasingly warm weather two aspects of office life reappeared: air conditioners turned on in the offices that have them, which include mine, and windows opening in the lunchroom because its air conditioner is kind of cranky and it hadn't been hot enough for that. Also the smokers open that window anyway as a sop to the many homemade signs that have been printed out trying to claim this is a ``No Smoking Workplace'' and posted in the lunchroom and other places. They don't smoke at lunch, though, so I'm basically fine except when I need to get tea in the midst of someone's smoke break.

Given the warmth the lunchroom window was left open all day, and apparently it was left open overnight too because of an e-mail sent out the next day warning that we shouldn't do this. Yes, it's getting warmer, but ``we all know'' what's outside and will get in if windows are left open. And yet ... I don't actually know what they're getting at. Since the lunchroom window overlooks a part of the first-floor ceiling I imagine it's possible that a burglar could get in through an open window, although it's not as if the window being open would make that dramatically easier.

Perhaps it's cockroaches, which have always had traps put in various corners and near the refrigerator and so on around here. This interpretation is possible since the day after the window was left open I saw a cockroach on the stairs for the first time since I've been there. And, worse, one dropped on my desk, near where I'd have left my tea if I weren't sipping from it at the time. I'm certainly in favor of a policy of keeping them out, although from what I understand of cockroach philosophy the openness of a window overnight doesn't have a lot to do with things. No sense asking after all this time, I suppose, since I don't usually open or close the window there, but I would like it if I could have settled this to my satisfaction.

Trivia: On 31 May 1894 the twelve-inch telescope at Flagstaff was first used to view Mars. Source: Planets and Perception, William Sheehan.

Currently Reading: Asimov's Science Fiction, June 2009, Editor Shiela Wiliams.