July 8th, 2009

krazy koati

I even tried that nine to five scene

The next workday --- Monday --- when it came was anticlimactic.

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Trivia: Among the management problems of the merged Penn Central railroad were computer system incompatibilities: while both the Pennsylvania Rail Road and the New York Central had used IBM computers to record freight movements, the Pennsylvania fed printouts and punched tapes to computers and used a Teletype inquiry system; the Central used punch card input and a cathode-ray TV setup. The Central also had a random-access disc for reading data, updated quickly, while the Pennsylvania's disc system was not and was only periodically updated. Source: The Wreck Of The Penn Central: The Real Story Behind The Largest Bankruptcy In American History, Joseph R Daughen, Peter Binzen. (They don't specify the computer systems more exactly; they probably couldn't have in a 1971 book for popular consumption.)

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