July 21st, 2009

krazy koati

A garden suburb with mortgage attached

Our Tuesday started again with that luxurious lateness again. While there were specific plans for what we would do that evening, the day started out less structured yet.

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So by the end of the afternoon her home's surroundings were comfortably spruced up.

Trivia: The Apollo 11 crew were the first people in space to witness a lunar transient event, an illumination in the Aristarchus region noted at about 2:45 pm Eastern Time on the 19th of July. Source: The Apollo Spacecraft: A Chronology, Volume IV, Ivan D Ertel, Roland W Newkirk, with Courtney G Brooks. NASA SP-4009.

Currently Reading: The Decision To Go To The Moon: Project Apollo and the National Interest, John M Logsdon.