August 2nd, 2009

krazy koati

We'll take the subway right down to King's Highway

The thing I noticed on walking into Cedar Point was the Midway Carousel, which I see their official downloadable map spells ``carrousel'', which leads to my discovery that Apple Spell Checker finds this an acceptable spelling. That's pretty cheeky for a dictionary that doesn't have ``Sandusky'' listed in it. But the web site in the main spells it with the one 'r'.

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To its side, and the natural next ride, was ``Calypso'', one of those things where you sit in a car that's one of four spinning on a large table that itself spins. At this remove I remember that there was something which struck as as peculiar about the music, but I don't remember what exactly except that it wasn't anything calypso-related, which is probably the important piece. But it was here that I first heard the ride operator's farewell speech about enjoying the day at ``America's roller coast'', which feels perfectly natural as a close to roller coaster rides and a touch odd for rides that have nothing to do with rolling or coasting.

Trivia: On trial for mutiny and the murder of Henry Hudson, the survivors of Hudson's last exploring expedition claimed that Hudson had found the Northwest Passage, and they were the only ones who knew where it was. They were exonerated, and organized into the ``Company of the Merchants Discoverers of the North-West Passage'', to trade with ``Tartaria, China, Japan, Solomons Islands, Chili, the Philippines, and other countrys''. Source: The Island At The Centre Of The World,Russell Shorto.

Currently Reading: The Emperors Of Chocolate: Inside The Secret World Of Hershey And Mars, Joël Glenn Brenner.