August 8th, 2009

krazy koati

Let's take your car and mess around at the park all day

What bunny_hugger and I did most at Cedar Point was ride roller coasters, although it wasn't exclusively that. They appeared a lot, though.

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So. As previously noted, I get giggly when I'm excited. I was left extremely giggly, to the delight, I trust, of bunny_hugger. Wow.

Trivia: Buffalo was selected over Black Rock, New York, as the western terminus for the Erie Canal in 1816. The decision was revisited in 1818, reversed in 1820, reversed again, switched back to Black Rock in August 1821, and reversed back to Buffalo. Buffalo would be confirmed by the legislature in February 1825. By 1853, Black Rock was incorporated into Buffalo. Source: Wedding of the Waters: The Erie Canal and the Making of a Great Nation, Peter L Bernstein.

Currently Reading: Analog Science Fiction and Fact, September 2009, Editor Stanley Schmidt.