August 17th, 2009

krazy koati

And the waitress is practicing politics

A little while later, just as we left Sandusky County, we found a Big Boy which provoked some comment about the regional differences between Big Boys. In my region, they just don't exist, although any fair-sized road trips would bring us to Bob's Big Boys, which we never stopped at in family excursions because there were four kids and if we were driving to grandmom's house near Washington, DC, for a vacation it's because we didn't have the budget to stop at places like Bob's Big Boy. bunny_hugger had more experience with them, and different names. I had no idea that the initial name was of a Big Boy franchiser; I'd just always taken Bob's to be part of the name.

The one we stopped at was anonymous, no Bob or anyone else visible, but that apparently reflects just ownership from one of the bigger franchisers. Our original plan had been to get just some real meal and I was getting to thinking of omelettes or pancakes or French toast or something like that, which we default to often. bunny_hugger was too until the waiter told us that the breakfast buffet was now open. It was only a little past 11, which seems kind of early to switch over to breakfast to me, but why not? French toast and pancakes needed to be specially prepared, but we left requests for them, and dove in to the buffets.

I've never been one for self-restraint at buffets, but then I haven't been to a buffet place since starting this year's diet-and-exercise routine. On the other hand I hadn't exercised by design at all this week. Of course, I had been doing a lot more than my normal daily routine of sitting at a desk all day, and I had been getting plenty of sleep instead of not really enough to be satisfying (sleep deprivation correlating quite with weight gain). And on the other hand yet again, I was hungry. I loaded up, maybe with more fruits than I would have before this year, and with a lot of eggs, and I didn't care so much about the result's effect on my weight. (It would turn out that over the week I lost ten pounds, a staggering change and more evidence of how good bunny_hugger is for me.) We had a most happy time together as Thursday turned to Friday.

We must have been somewhere in the greater Ann Arbor municipal area, as there were honor boxes for The Ann Arbor News outside the Anonymous Big Boy, but I didn't get a paper. This is abnormal for me, but neither in this trip nor the visit to San Jose for spaceroo's wedding had I picked up the local newspapers to sample. I felt a bit bad about this but newspapers have been getting less interesting and less uniquely fitted to the communities lately and it seemed to be ignorable. The Ann Arbor News ceased physical production on the 23rd of July. I can't be held to blame, but I am sorry that I msised the chance.

Trivia: The News-Letter, first newspaper in the thirteen colonies, began publication in Boston, Massachusetts, in 1704. Source: The New York Public Library American History Desk Reference, Editors Marilyn Miller, Marian Faux. (Note: I have no doubts that the truth of this piece of information can be argued. Probably on the grounds of ``first'' and ``newspaper''; ``publication'' and ``began'' are probably disputable too. At least ``Boston'' seems pretty unambiguous.)

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