August 29th, 2009

krazy koati

I feel like this is the beginning

My mother, years ago, bought a tablet PC which impressed us by sometimes being able to even make out my mother's handwriting. But it's always run slowly, and has been running ever-more-slowly, to the point it could take over twenty minutes just to reboot, and longer if you wanted to do something fancy like open a web browser. Finally last week it came to a full and complete halt, taking the length of my entire exercise session without getting near finishing rebooting. My mother decided it was quite past time to buy a new computer.

Where she surprised me is where she went for the new machine: to the Apple Store. After years of petty little frustrations with her computer, and looking over my shoulder at my PowerBook G4, and getting a toe into the Apple world with first an iPod Classic and then an iPod Touch when the Classic went missing (and more on that in time, because it's uncharacteristically lead to further incidents), she decided to try the Mac lifestyle. And so she bought a fifteen-inch MacBook Pro. The only trouble she had in setting it up was that she didn't know the password for our wireless network (which we finally imposed after some networking problems a couple months back), and had to wait for me to get back from the Rifftrax Live event to set. So last Friday my getting-ready-for-work routine was disrupted by the excitement of new computer and welcome screens and that fun of entering your name on many startup screens.

As an educator --- my mother, at least, has an adjunct instructor position at the university not five minutes from home --- she qualified for a nice discount; and since it's August, there was some kind of back-to-school sale by which her purchase came along with a new printer and an iPod Touch. She noted that if I needed a new computer, she could use her staff identification for one. I'd been thinking of getting a new computer, but early next year when my PowerBook reaches four years of age; and, besides, I got a new wireless printer a few months ago when Circuit City shut down. Still, it's not like I need to schedule things all that tightly. (In fact, having got computers in March 2002 and March 2006 it's probably better I don't get one in March 2010, lest I set a compulsion to last my whole life.) Plus who'd have a deal worth anything in Spring Break season?

The iPod Touch has gone to my father, who wants me to tell him exactly how many records he can put on it, and who quickly discovered the fun of free game apps. He also has the level tool app because, I have no doubt, he rationalizes that he can use this for his carpentry work.

Trivia: Polypropylene was first made in 1951 by Paul Hogan and Robert Banks, chemists working for Phillips Petroleum. Source: Molecules At An Exhibition: The Science of Everyday Life, John Emsley.

Currently Reading: First Flight: The Wright Brothers And The Invention Of The Airplane, T A Heppenheimer.