September 6th, 2009

krazy koati

You're getting to be a rabbit with me

I'm beginning to suspect that I'm not going to be called back for any teaching positions this term, with the community college I interviewed at starting next week and the places I put in requests around me not deigning to acknowledge my existence. One is particularly bad: my father used to work there, and suggested I contact the person he worked for, and she hasn't even been moved to say ``I can't help you''. There's just a nothing. It'd be disheartening if I had really serious expectations that anyone would bother to answer me; see previous comments about community colleges and their need to get over themselves. Actual colleges and universities have the decency to reject you.

Anyway, since my brain is never quite at a loss for ways to drive myself crazy I've started to wonder if I shouldn't just pick a class and start teaching it regardless of whether there are any students. That is, I'm considering opening a blog in a new and fairly neutral name and putting up lecture notes, assignments, answer keys, and such, as if this were the contact point for an actual class. Possibly someone would see it; maybe I could use it as proof for the next round of frustrating applications to show that yes, I'm quite capable of teaching people how to integrate x and I don't just apply to schools for the fun of filling out their application forms.

It also strikes me that a stunt like that could have actual benefits. In the weekly humor column I've managed to write the contect equivalent to a good-sized humor book --- something on the high side of a hundred thousand words --- with really pretty little effort. (Maybe more, since my sense is books of humor columns can run shorter.) While there's the constant struggle to think of what to write, the actual writing once I've thought it ought takes under an hour of banging things out, and some time to edit. Splitting that into two efforts per week ... well, I have a fair amount of time to think, at my present job, after all. And an hour here and there does add up. It could become something useful.

Trivia: After receving his doctorate in 1848 Louis Pasteur found there was not a single vacancy in his field in any university in France. His first regular appointment was in the lycée of Dijon. Source: Louis Pasteur, Patrice Debré, Translatd by Elborg Forster.

Currently Reading: Taking Flight: Inventing The Aerial Age From Antiquity Through The First World War, Richard P Hallion.