September 14th, 2009

krazy koati

You did it, you did it, you did it, you did it, did it in a minute


According to the WiiFit, this morning, my weight at last dipped below the body mass index of 25, taking me out of the Overweight category and putting me into the Normal range. Oh, technically, I'm cheating just a little bit in that I entered my height as a little rounding up of what my height really is. So I really need to lose a couple of more pounds, but then I knew that since I can still ``pinch an inch'', to think of those old Special K commercials. But it's still this wonderful progression that's got me to have lost about a third my body's weight in, if not quite a minute, then 250 days according to the WiiFit's calendar. I realize a few days ago I overestimated how many days in a row I'd been working on it. I apologize for the confusion.

I did decide to go to White Castle for a celebratory dinner, since I haven't happened to be down that way in a while and I don't think I really have the margin of weight to gain or lose to take the trip to the Chinese Buffet I've been promising myself. (Perhaps next weekend if the week turns out well.) My father thought my declaration that I was going there was funny for some reason, and after I got back when dinner was still cooking he'd taken out another plate for me and knocked on my bedroom door and asked a few minutes after that if I wasn't going to eat. It still doesn't seem like a ridiculous thing to do.

I'm still feeling mighty good today.

Trivia: Hershey's Field Ration D, developed after the first World War, was the first chocolate bar sealed in cellophane to keep it fresh. Source: The Emperors of Chocolate: Inside the Secret World of Hershey and Mars, Joël Glenn Brenner.

Currently Reading: Venus Equilateral, George O Smith. Collection of short stories based on the interplanetary communications relay station set in Trojan orbit of Venus for some reason. It starts with the kind of classic for hard science fiction ``QRM Interplanetary'', the stirring tale of how the station's staff sabotages the new boss's efforts to improve operations by withholding information critical for making decisions.

(Unrelated thought on watching the 1939 Hunchback of Notre Dame: How does Charles Laughton manage to be kind of handsome even when he's being so Quasimodo Ugly?)