October 5th, 2009

krazy koati

With lyre and lute, and silver flute, the life of Lazyland

So I waited, and waited, by my office door, waiting for the owner to finish his conversation and start leaving. I feel awkward about one of the other programmers, who has to walk past me many times to get results from his job runs, and I finally explain I'm waiting for the owner; he knows how hard it can be to catch him. Other employees from far below, on the first floor, come up, and sometime later leave. I explain to one what I'm doing and he mentions that the owner's on the phone (I could hear; he's actually talking with the client for whom my current becalmed project is for and seems to be describing the presentation we'd heard Thursday), but I explain it's a private matter and I don't feel I should interrupt for this. He understands.

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So, he wants to think it over and we may chat about it again ``Monday'', although it seems good to him on the initial impression. I'm hopeful that it will stay good.

Trivia: Over the 1915 baseball season only four American League teams, three or four National League teams (depending on the reports one reads), and two Federal League teams (Chicago and Saint Louis) made money. Source: The Jersey Game: The History of Modern Baseball From Its Birth To The Big Leagues In The Garden State, James M DiClerico, Barry J Pavelec.

Currently Reading: More Stories From The Hugo Winners, Volume II, Editor Isaac Asimov. This is stories from the late 60s/1970, when a lot of stories went for all wobbly weird mass bizarre stuff, but I find I'm grokking the stories a lot better than when I was a teenager and read the same stories. (I'd hope I'm a better reader than back then, anyway.)