October 6th, 2009

krazy koati

I'm never gonna let you go

No Monday today, except by the calendar. The owner, as I kind of expected, didn't come in. On the other hand, neither did the office manager. And for that matter neither did the owner's secretary (who's almost always in). One of the other programmers also wasn't in, although since he telecommutes part of the week on a schedule nobody's told in advance that doesn't mean much. The presence of pretty much everybody else reassured me that it was not a partial holiday when only minimal staff is needed and programmers like me don't come in at all, but it was a pretty close thing for a while there.

Meanwhile back home the cats are showing urgent signs of separation anxiety. This is the fault of my parents, who are going on a slightly-over-two-week cruise starting later in the week. They try to build the cats up into being comfortable with their leaving by taking the suitcases down a week or more ahead of time. My mother packs slowly and over the course of several days so that these elements are supposed to have time to become familiar and unthreatening; my father puts up with taking the suitcases down early but packs the last night anyway.

It doesn't make a lot of difference, as near as I can tell. The cats have gotten jumpier the past few days, with the middle cat taking her natural tendency to keep at least one paw on a person's foot to an extreme, including doing these sorts of headstands with her head on one of my feet and as many of her paws as possible on the other. This is generally fine but I'd rather she didn't do that while I was trying to weigh myself on the WiiFit or do balancing exercises, particularly as she gets claw-y after being all rubby. She's also started prodding her way in to the bathroom when I mean to shower, prompting me to say, fine, she can come in, but it's going to be muggy. She's thinking about it. This is how I know she's that anxious.

Trivia: Spelling reformer and medical eccentric Cornelius Wilson Larison (1837 - 1910) published, among other things, The Jurnal of Helth, which reached at maximum 31 subscribers, and ran for twelve issues, a print run which was interrupted when the entire staff contracted influenza. Source: Jerseyana: The Underside Of New Jersey History, Marc Mappen.

Currently Reading: Embracing Defeat: Japan In The Wake Of World War II, John W Dower.