October 12th, 2009

krazy koati

Flowers and beads are one thing

And now some more news from the family, and even better, news which I got firsthand, by the relevant sibling calling with intent to tell me so that I would have any idea what was going on: my brother's got a job. A couple weeks ago he had an interview with somebody or other in Worcester, Massachusetts, and then a week later he had another interview there. Last week he had yet another interview with them, in between his various chances of interviewing in Chicago, Baltimore, New York City, and thinking very hard whether he wanted to interview in Kansas City. (He's Vegan and believes that the concept has not reached Kansas City yet.) As you might expect, then, he was delighted to hear that the firm in Worcester was now offering him a position of being interviewed on a weekly basis.

More exactly his job is something in research and along the lines of what he actually got his Master's in, so that he regards this as his ideal job, what with it being indoors and paying actual money. That it's just far enough that parents can't drop in by surprise but near enough that he can come home, driving if need be, for a long weekend or things like Thanksgiving. And my mind, of course, couldn't help coming up with trivia about Worcester, such as: birthplace of Robert Benchley. One of two honorary cities in the National League. (Troy, New York, is the other. It's an involved story.) City where the spacesuits for the Mercury and Gemini programs were made. He's thrilled to be working again.

And, better, he might be able to take some of the furniture from my storage locker, which has an abundance of the heaviest desks, dressers, end tables (I'm shockingly well-stocked on end tables), and a huge bed that I haven't been able to use in six years. I'm already cleaning stuff out of the storage locker so as to make the furniture more accessible.

PS to chipuni: I found a playbill and ticket stub (!) from a 1995 production of Frankenstein which I'm fairly sure you were involved in. If you'd like them please contact me so we can arrange transport. I'm sure I'd feel better about saving something like that for nearly a decade and a half if it ended up in the hands of someone with an actual personal connection to it.

Trivia: By October 1872 Australia's main daily newspapers, the Melbourne Argus and the Sydney Morning Herald agreed to subscribe to Reuters news bulletins, paying £4,000 annually plus telegraph charges. Source: The Power Of News: The History Of Reuters, Donald Read.

Currently Reading: Psychohistorical Crisis, Donald Kingsbury.