October 26th, 2009

krazy koati

That is waiting there for you like hidden treasure

Anyway, we had some honest fun going through my storage locker, first in moving out the things that had to be relocated so that other stuff could be accessed, and then in figuring out things like how to maneuver the bed into the trailer. The trailer was just the right size for a queen-size bed and this was a queen-size bed, but that didn't mean you could just slide the mattress and box spring in. You had to angle it. We weren't quite ready for that. And then I discovered that a bookshelf which had been standing next to the mattress for years was comically off level. Well, it was maybe tipped five degrees to the side, but it still stands out as not standing up, and the more I looked at it (there was an armoire partly obscuring it) the more I realized: there is no logical way that this could have stood up for six years in storage with the heavy boxes on top given its weight loading. Since my brother had asked for bookshelves, though, we packed that one to go up with it.

Also sent up: another bookshelf (one our father built when we were mere kids), a dresser, all sorts of kitchen supplies including a box of dishes and plates with the bottom almost worthless so I hope my sister passes on the warning about supporting it firmly from beneath, the microwave oven, a horrible little TV dinner tray table, and two endtables, one of them with a glass cover that looks really nice. Me, whenever I get around to setting up my own place, now I'll have to get a bed; I'm still OK on dressers; and I'll need more bookshelves but that's pretty much always going to be the case in my life. And I'll need kitchen stuff, but given my cooking habits that can be satisfied with a couple bowls to make tuna salad in and a pot and strainer for macaroni and cheese. Maybe I'll even get a bigger pot for Hamburger Helper-class meals.

Saturday, my brother called to report success in that everything arrived, nothing broke, and he was very grateful for my housewarming present. The bed and other stuff wasn't considered such despite whatever claim I might have to ownership. What was meant here was something actually gift-wrapped, the first volume of the complete Bloom County, complete with annotations of things which are now obscure and, to my brother's delight, a bookmark so that ``I won't risk reading the same strip twice''. We're an amusing bunch around here.

Trivia: After the nearly 40-storey Equitable Building opened in lower Manhattan in 1916 it was surpassed in height easily, but not in square footage until the Empire State Building opened in 1931. Source: Great Fortune: The Epic Of Rockefeller Center, Daniel Okrent.

Currently Reading: The Story Of Philosophy, Will Durant.