November 25th, 2009

krazy koati

Any trick in the book, now, baby

Well, enough of the deep and righteous moral outrage, which had not been one of the features of the first couple Superfriends: The Lost Episodes cartoons I'd watched for the weekend and which might have been improperly buried in your Friends lists. Instead we get to ... a Wonder Twins adventure.

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But for a Zan and Jayna Save The Day story, it plays all right, and they don't even have to rescue stupid teens to do it. And, of course, there's no deeply offensive moral outrages, which is another bonus.

Trivia: While Hirohito took office as Emperor of Japan immediately on his father's death in 1926 (and had been regent since 1921), his grand enthronement ceremony was not held until 1928. Source: A Modern History of Japan, Andrew Gordon.

Currently Reading: McKinley, Bryan, and the People, Paul W Glad.