December 3rd, 2009

krazy koati

Carve your number on my wall

Now, the full story of my week visiting bunny_hugger and my return to con-going ways I think has a logical precedent and one unexpected crash of life leading up to it so I'll go into that. The start of this piece is my conclusion that yes, I really should have a cell phone. It'd be convenient to have if, say, I were stranded on an obscure road somewhere (a lesser concern with the new car than the old, but still, always a possibility), or when trying to arrange meeting with someone at a highly fluid social situation like a convention, and for that matter in handling really personal matters like figuring out zoo memberships when I don't feel fully comfortable making calls about that on my office phone.

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So the logical thing to do after this is to ask an actual store clerk what the terms of service are. Surely this should clear things up easily.

Trivia: In the first half of 1865 Reuters's costs for telegraphic service to North America averaged £67 per month. In the first half of 1867 --- after the trans-Atlantic telegraph cable was in successful operation --- they averaged £424 per month. Source: The Power Of News: The History Of Reuters, Donald Read.

Currently Reading: The Victorian Eye: A Political History of Light and Vision In Britain, 1800 - 1910, Chris Otter.