December 6th, 2009

krazy koati

And maybe you will get a call from me

I would imagine that any Verizon sales person would have a fair idea whether the prepaid cell phone Mobile Web service, which charges 99 cents per day, is charging that just to use the Mobile Web at all with separate charges for actually downloading things, or whether that's all-you-can-download-in-24-hours for that cost. Certainly I had, even though the brochures, flyers, and web sites make none of this clear. Partly the problem is they run every possible bit of disclaimer together in the fine print that explains actual terms. And web site reviews explained surprisingly little, possibly because the professional writers don't seem to find the fine print of a boring service worth mentioning, and the comment-writers that cling to those pages are --- you may have noticed this --- functionally illiterate and mostly upset at how every company in the world is the worst company in the world ever.

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Several weeks later, I still don't know if the answer was right as I haven't had to look anything up on the phone's web, but I felt confident enough to look to picking out phone models. This will lead rapidly to the crash of personal events.

Trivia: The first parliament, held in 1377, of English King Richard II's reign, took the unusual step of insisting the taxes produced should be put in the hands of two merchants (William Walworth and John Philpot), as the treasurers of war, in order to assure the money was properly spent. Source: The Later Middle Ages, 1272 - 1485, George Holmes. (Walworth would later be Mayor of London.)

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