December 15th, 2009

krazy koati

Soon the man who sweeps the room brings the secret telegram

So I got home. The large box was there; inside, was a smaller box, with my new phone in it. I hoped dearly there'd be nothing complicated to do to get it started because I didn't have time.

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The six text messages that my phone had acquired so far turned out to be from Verizon, begging me to make a phone call so as to complete my activation.

Trivia: Gemini VI turned on its acquisition radar, to detect Gemini VII already in orbit, at three hours seven minutes after launch. It locked on Gemini VII at three hours ten minutes after launch. Source: Gemini 6: The NASA Mission Reports, Editor Robert Godwin. (Technical Debriefing, 20 December 1965.)

Currently Reading: Call Of The Mall, Paco Underhill. Now on the one hand, it's fun reading about what malls do right and wrong from a guy who likes them. On the other, a lot of what he dislikes is spots where things in malls could be used to advertise other things, and I'm tired of every surface being an advertisement. He's got a point about the storefronts being painfully dull, though.