December 17th, 2009

krazy koati

There's no meal that's better

With my stuff tucked in the back of bunny_hugger's car, and the car driven by skylerbunny, we had a basic agenda of getting to the overflow hotel where my stuff could be dropped off, getting to the con hotel where I could get my registration and badge and whatnot, and getting something to eat. Optional but desired would be catching the Opening Ceremonies, set for noon and not quite so distant in time as might be desireable. Also it might be nice to get some kind of medication for skylerbunny, who was feeling the traces of what would seem to be some sort of plague which bunny_hugger would aptly dub the California Plague, and which would become a motif of the week.

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With minor shopping done, though, we were ready to head for the Con Hotel.

Trivia: In the first half of the 14th century between 725 and 1,360 ships per year set out for England carrying Gascon wine. Between 8 October 1349 and 27 August 1350 only 141 ships sailed. Source: In The Wake Of The Plague: The Black Death And The World It Made, Norman F Cantor.

Currently Reading: But Didn't We Have Fun? An Informal History Of Baseball's Pioneer Era, 1843 - 1870, Peter Morris. Oh, this is a lot of fun.