December 23rd, 2009

krazy koati

I don't know where we come from

Back to the convention report, then, with just a note that I really liked Arnold Stang's work, even if Top Cat and Herman and Katnip cartoons were not what I liked best:

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This got us pretty safely to a good time for dinner. All we'd need would be somewhere that bunny_hugger, vegetarian, could eat with me and skylerbunny; for that matter, what if we could meet up with the extended company?

Trivia: Names Bell labs rejected for the transistor include the ``surface-state amplifier'' and the ``iotatron'' (from iota as in something small). Source: Electric Universe: How Electricity Switched On The Modern World, David Bodanis.

Currently Reading: The World Of Mister Dooley, Finely Peter Dunne. Edited by Louis Filler.