December 30th, 2009

krazy koati

I just sit there and stare as you hop from shrub to shrub

Saturday began with the alarm clock, although I believe I slept through it. It woke Skyler and bunny_hugger, though, and she woke me, and nothing would wake my toothbrush so we just carried on regardless. It also opened with the discovery of the exact parameters of the breakfasty table in the lobby, which was to set out chafing dishes with things like pancakes and scrambled eggs and carafes of hot water or coffee and the like, not to mention fruits, the better to let anyone around pick what they wanted to eat. We also knew that at some point there'd be a shuttle bus coming, and we had to get the first one as otherwise we'd certainly miss the start of bunny_hugger's Bunnies panel and that would be unwelcome. So I'd got a bundle of things that could be safely brought on a bus --- tea with a lid, bagels, a bowl of fruit salad --- and sure enough, the bus arrived swiftly. Oh, they also had boxes of chocolate mints which were irresistibly tasty and it's probably a good thing that we could only pocket so many at a time and they weren't out all day and night.

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Trivia: On 30 December 1777 Captain James Cook, astronomer William Bayly, and Lieutenant James King studied a solar eclipse from the newly discovered Christmas Island, and also had to send search and rescue parties to locate a crewman who was separated, first with a companion, then again on his own, and was unable to find his way back despite the sparse vegetation and ships visible from nearly all the islet. Source: Discoveries: The Voyages Of Captain Cook, Nicholas Thomas.

Currently Reading: Copies in Seconds: How A Lone Inventor And An Unknown Company Created The Biggest Communication Breakthrough Since Gutenberg --- Chester Carlson And The Birth of Xerox, David Owen.