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Coati mundane
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Wednesday, March 3rd, 2010

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In apple blossom time

So, Tuesday, would be my going home. I'd got an afternoon flight leaving Detroit, connecting to Chicago, and arriving home in the evening in maybe not enough time to exercise but certainly enough to get a normal night's sleep.

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Still, we got home past about 1:30; never mind exercise, never mind checking in online, I'd be doing well just to sleep. Work was coming in the morning, at its usual time. It was a great trip, but the return to normal was going to hurt.

Trivia: In 1214, town officials of Oxford agreed to regulate student rents and the price of food, and to pay the new-forming university annually as financial support for the less wealthy students, after five years of a dispute between the town and the school over a student who had killed a woman. Source: 1215: The Year Of Magna Carta, Danny Danziger.

Currently Reading: Archform: Beauty, L E Modesitt, Jr.

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