March 15th, 2010

krazy koati

I thought I was the Bally table king

One of the Wii games I like and never get enough time to play is the Bally Pinball Hall of Fame. It's tough getting free time and the living room TV set available simultaneously. But that pinball game sold well enough to inspire the release of Gottlieb Pinball Hall of Fame, featuring games that I never actually played in physical form but that's just because they predate my peak pinball-playing era and, for many of them, ramps.

After not noticing the game turning up in Best Buy or Target for a couple months after its official release date, I built up my anti-shyness and asked a clerk about it. He looked it up on the computer, interpreting my ``Gottleib'' as ``Gockley'' although the database figured it out somehow, and determined that not only did they have it in stock but this store had three copies. It wasn't on the shelves. He checked with another employee and they conculded from the $19.99 price it was probably in the discount games bin up front. The discount game bins (selling for $4.99 and $9.99, incidentally) didn't have much in them, but I could see, they also didn't have pinball simulations in it.

So I went back, trying to find an equivalent employee and one from the Geek Squad was the first I caught (ahead of pack of three blue-shirted employees). He looked it up again, and then went to the shelves where he verified the game wasn't out there. He disappeared in back for just long enough that I started to feel awkward and started composing hypothetical responses if another customer asked if I needed help, and came back with one copy of the game for me --- and it's a good thing I had already decided I wanted it, since after all that fuss I'd have felt too shy not to buy it --- and a second for the shelves. Where the third one in the store went, I could not guess.

Trivia: Cows expend about a fifth of all the calories they consume in the process of chewing. Source: The Genie in the Bottle, Joe Schwarcz.

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