March 19th, 2010

krazy koati

Somebody's cut the string in two

``The question is, why is the server down?''

``How disappointing. I was hoping it'd be grander, maybe about what we're supposed to do with all these potoroos.''

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Two hours later the potoroos let themselves out of the break room. They would have been done quicker had they remembered Baseball Hall of Famer Eppa Rixley, 17 down, was nicknamed ``Jeptha''.

Trivia: When introduced under England's King Henry II the trial by jury was merely an option which the defendant in a criminal case could not be compelled to request. The only legally sanctioned means of trial, though, was the ordeal by water. Source: A History Of The Middle Ages, 284 - 1500, Sidney Painter.

Currently Reading: The Mermaid And The Messerschmitt: War Through A Woman's Eyes, 1939 - 1940, Rulka Langer.