March 21st, 2010

krazy koati

I know I've started to think

So you know how I got my flat tire fixed Wednesday? Thursday morning I was going to work and found the tire was flat again. I went in, called in ``going to be late for work'' for the second time this week, and called the dealer, who was flustered by the problem report. I got an appointment for after work, which I ended up late for (I did very poorly in avoiding red lights), but they didn't have anyone waiting in the bays anyway so I didn't really need an appointment anyway.

My father overheard me calling and leapt into action to change my tire to the spare, which was something he'd missed Monday. I should have mentioned it and let him change it Monday too, since he clearly enjoys it enormously more than I do, even if I had to point out over and over that you had to use a bolt adaptor thingy to go from the tire iron to every bolt, not just the one with the lock on it.

At the dealers they determined --- after a couple hours --- that the tire had an actual, certifiable, showable even to me puncture on the interior face of it. Fortunately, I have tire insurance of some kind that covers the expenses for this sort of thing. Unfortunately, by the time they were ready to replace the tire, the insurance company's office had closed. There wasn't any realistic chance they wouldn't give the go-ahead, but the dealer wasn't comfortable changing the tire without that go-ahead.

So they did the natural thing and loaned me a Camry for the night, so I could have the experience of driving a car much more expensive than the one I bought. On the plus side besides lesser road noise and a six-CD stereo, it's a hybrid, so I could be captivated by watching the little icon indicating whether power was coming from the battery or the engine. On the minus side, no sunroof, so I feel surprisingly enclosed by it.

Trivia: Triangle Studios, founded in 1915 by Mack Sennett, Thomas H Ince, and David W Griffith, was initially known as SIG or Sig Studios. Source: Keystone: The Life And Clowns Of Mack Sennett, Simon Louvish.

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