March 22nd, 2010

krazy koati

Everything around him turns to dust in his hand

I feel like taking a day to clean out miscellaneous little bits of stuff. For one: an odd question my father had about the loaner Camry hybrid. Specifically, he wanted to know what it was a hybrid of. Unfortunately all I thought to answer was that it was partly gasoline-powered, partly battery-powered. If I were quicker on the draw I'd have answered, you know, part-dog, part-wolf, or something like that. Or a grafted orchid.

For another: come Saturday the 20th and the arrival of the equinox, assuming that was the equinox (I don't pay much attention to it myself), we had a grand, warm, sunny day that was just about perfect weather. We were able finally to start throwing open the windows and letting the house air out. What you forget over the course of the winter --- what I forget, anyway --- is that it takes a while after the first window-opening of the season to get used to how to close the doors so the air pressure differential doesn't slam them shut. It's got the cats worried that something's wrong, given all the door-slamming that's going on, since it makes everyone in the house sound like my father. But the fresh smell of the air is doing wonders for my morale.

Also, I discovered that the little Acu-Rite interior/exterior thermometer/clock (the clock's usually the same reading for the interior and exterior, and we lost the sensor for the exterior temperature) had a failing LCD display for a rather repairable reason: the battery was almost dead. It also turned out that it didn't rely on any of those mutant freak batteries that exist for weird things like interior/exterior thermometer/clocks. Actually it just takes two AA batteries, which we now have in a slightly smaller surplus. This is very good for me as the WiiFit ``Free Step'' step aerobics recommends alternating which foot one step forward with every minute, and for the 20th to 30th minutes of a half-hour session it doesn't give an unambiguous audible cue. I can use the seconds display on this clock to keep my pace.

Trivia: The £2,000,000 loan issue for the government of Columbia floated in the City of London in March 1822 --- setting off the Latin American bond bubble --- offered an illegally-high interest rate of six per cent per annum (interest payments were limited to five per cent), and so were technically issued in Paris. The prospectus was not printed; and as the Stock Exchange prohibited trading in foreign government bonds there were no ``official'' trading prices. Source: Sir Gregor MacGregor and the Land That Never Was: The Extraordinary Story Of The Most Audacious Fraud In History, David Sinclair.

Currently Reading: Gods and Golems, Lester del Rey.